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Refinancing Student Loans with SoFi (Even if You’re Not a Finance Whiz)

So, you ask. What’s it like, refinancing student loans with SoFi? Or perhaps you’re wondering, Connor, what even IS SoFi, and what does it have to do with student loans? Good news! I already refinanced my student loans and am here to tell you the long and short of working with SoFi: the application, the long waits–wait, what? There weren’t any long…

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Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Talks Blogging, RVing, Money, and Fame

“How about Making-Cents-Dot-Com?” she says. I type it in. “Taken.” “Makes-Cents-Dot-Com?” “Makes Cents or Make Scents?  Might confuse perfume seekers. In any case: taken.” “To-Make-Cents-Dot-Com?” “Awkward. How about Just-Making-Cents-Dot-Com?” Bingo! I hurry to buy the domain from Hover.com, imagining thousands of internet sooners rushing for prized justmakingcents.com internet land. Then I google “just making cents” to see if it would…

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