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Resilience and Resourcefulness: Two Things We Must Teach Our Children

It seems that the list of things we want for our children is bottomless.  Wit, charisma, and gumption. Charm, alertness, and graceful athleticism.  Those are all “nice-to-haves.”  But when I think of what I truly want for my children, resilience and resourcefulness are near the top of the list.  I write about why it’s so important and offer insight on how…

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4 Tips for Raising Curious Kids

Curiosity is like fresh morning breath. Everyone likes to think they have it, but few actually do.  And why is it raising curious kids important? Have your heard about the question Google founder Sergey Brin used to ask during interviews? He would ask these nervous, would-be googlers just this: Could you teach me something complicated I don’t know? Basically, Sergey is saying,…

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