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Refinancing Student Loans with SoFi (Even if You’re Not a Finance Whiz)

So, you ask. What’s it like, refinancing student loans with SoFi? Or perhaps you’re wondering, Connor, what even IS SoFi, and what does it have to do with student loans? Good news! I already refinanced my student loans and am here to tell you the long and short of working with SoFi: the application, the long waits–wait, what? There weren’t any long…

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Debt: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

I locked eyes with the waiter, raised my hand, and pinched my fingers together for a short scribble in the air like I was following the random flight path of a fly. He nodded and approached the table shortly afterwards. “Take your time. I’ll be back to collect it in a moment,” he said. “How much?” asked Zack. “$57.38.” My slim jeans…

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