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8 Blogging Tips: Everything I Did Wrong

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(Left to right: Liza, Zack, Zuzzy, and yours truly. Our heads almost look like a bar graph showing the early stages of a compound growth curve.) What did I just get myself into? Ever ask yourself that? I do—all the time. If I find something interesting, my hand shoots up to volunteer before the question of knowledge or capacity ever…

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How to Have the “Money Talk” with Your Child

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(Photographer Douglas makes inaction figures come to life! See more of his amazing pictures on Instagram @jedimasterbuilder.) On a recent visit to a friend’s house in Los Angeles… “Joshie, can you tell Spider Man to get me a glass of water?” Joshie looks at the red and blue inaction figure near the couch, lying still and splayed as if it…

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How to Beat the Financial Monsters

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All photos courtesy of the phenomenal Douglas. Follow him on Instagram @jedimasterbuilder! True Horror. I won’t look at it. Instead, I press my nose to the window and squint eighteen stories down. There’s a news van below. I swivel to my computer screen to search the news, leaving a vapor of breath on the window. They’re reporting about a death.…

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