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4 Tips for Raising Curious Kids

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Curiosity is like fresh morning breath. Everyone likes to think they have it, but few actually do. Have your heard about the question Google founder Sergey Brin used to ask during interviews? He would ask these nervous, would-be googlers just this: Could you teach me something complicated I don’t know? Basically, Sergey is saying, “Don’t tell me how curious you are. Show…

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How to Make Six Figures Even Bigger (Or, Avoid What I Did)

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I don’t know how I made it home that night. My legs were moving, but I was flying. The meeting was hours old but still fresh in mind as I made my way (however it happened) across 57th Street. “Here,” he had said, teetering forward, sliding the paper across the desk, then rocking back to recline, hands stretching behind his…

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How to Make Better Decisions: Why Living in Reverse is the Key to Moving Forward

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Before you read past this first paragraph, I want you try something if you’re in a safe area. Stand up and walk 10 steps forward. I’ll wait until you’re back. (Important: If you’re somehow reading this while hiking a cliff, sitting near a fiery pit, crossing the street, or anything else dangerous, please do this later. Safety first!) Back? Okay, rewind…

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