7 Tips for a Successful Lemonade Stand

Want to help your child have a successful lemonade stand?  Today’s tips are from a very special guest blogger!

(The following are 9-yr old Zuzzy’s tips on how to run a successful lemonade stand.  It has only been edited to include headers and bolding for ease of reading.  All of the words are hers, unedited)

Hey! My name is Zuzzy and I will tell you 7 tips for a successful lemonade stand. I own a lemonade stand so I know what’s best for your lemonade stand. Now lets say hi to tip #1.

7 Tips for a Successful Lemonade Stand

  1. Variety: Add more variety for example sparkling lemonade or strawberry lemonade to get more money. I have different flavors like watermelon, peach and strawberry and I charge a buck more. I profit more.
  2. Welcoming: Smile or wave to people who pass by because it increases the chance of them coming to your stand. If you see them stop to check their wallet, that means you’re in luck.
  3. Dress for Success:  Wear the right clothes. Look clean and presentable to attract more people. It’s nice to wear great clothes. People will think that this is a once a year thing so they probably would stop by. You can wear a pretty dress or a nice suit. Also make sure that it is comfortable.
  4. Location, Location, Location:  Find a good location where there is a fair amount of people walking by. Wouldn’t it be the worst if nobody came to your lemonade stand? I would be very sad too.
  5. Friendly:  Start a conversation to get them interested. Don’t be scared to start up an an interesting or even funny conversation. People love conversations. That will get them to laugh, tell about their life or even come to your stand again! In order to start a conversation, ask a question like “are you visiting here?”
  6. Post-Mortem:  After the stand is over, talk about what you did wrong and what you did right for the next stand to be even better. That is called a post mortem. I do post mortems all the time.
  7. Profit / Loss:  In order to figure out how much money you made, figure out your sales. First you have to write down your cost. Then count how much money you made. Then subtract the money you made with the cost. That number is your profit. If your profit is high that means your stand was successful. If it’s low, try again!

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Not to be forgotten, this is Zack at work:

Want to Help Your Child Run a Successful Lemonade Stand?

Many successful business people started young.  They never forgot those early experiences and attribute much of their success to the lessons learned from their lemonade stands.

Here’s what most people do:  They help their kids make lemonade, make the signs, and sell it.  Then there’s no follow-up, no teaching along the way.  They expect their child to magically get all the lessons.

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