About Us

Who are we?

We’re just people who have the same needs and concerns as you.  Like you, we think life is more than money.  But because you can’t live without money, we also want to help you master it in all the ways it affects your life.  We want to help you:

You’re tired of financial advice that looks good on paper, but isn’t very helpful.  You want teaching and tools that will directly improve your life.

We’re here to help you.



(Liza, Zack, Zuzzy, and JT)

Hello!  We are JMC:

We are three people with very different backgrounds who want to share what we know and what we learn about money and finance to help you (and your kids) thrive as adults. These aren’t just how-to blog posts. We’re not about get-rich-quick schemes. This is about our journey, too: our struggles, our ideas, the things that end up working out and the things that end up making us cringe.


I’m here to share what I’ve learned in my  my 15+ years on Wall Street. I break down what the best companies in the world know about money and relate it to your finances. I want to help you make more, keep more, and give more money. These are hard lessons I had to learn myself, having been down to my last dollars while living in a hostel in Spanish Harlem. About a decade later, I hit my retirement goal. I’ll show you how I did it  I also write about how I’m teaching my 3 children (Zuzzy, Zack, and Liza–pictured above) about money. Also, I want to give more radically and will give you updates along the way of how I’m earning more to give more.  Learn more about my story here.


I worked for a over a decade in consumer and digital marketing for many of the magazines you read.  Now, I consult for a top-3 MBA program, helping the students land jobs at the most prestigious, hard-to-get-into companies in the world.  I share tips with you about how to make that resume and land that job.


Editor-in-chief and occasional blogger, at your service. I’m pretty much learning alongside all of you: JT brought me on for my editing expertise, not my finance knowledge (which is limited, to say the least!), but I’m happy to be sharing what I learn when it comes to managing my small mountain of student loans.

Who Are You?

The real question is not “who are we,” but “who are you?”  We want to write articles that are relevant to your life.  We want to help you conquer your money fears, and achieve your financial dreams.  So, we want to ask you:

  • What are your hopes?
  • What are your fears?
  • What are your dreams?

So let us know who you are in the comments below, or drop us an email at justmakingcents@gmail.com.  We read and respond to every email.  We’d love the chance to chat with you!