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Should You Keep Your Mortgage or Pay it Off?

Should you keep your mortgage or pay if off?  Believe it or not, this is not a question just for the privileged.  Here’s why you should ask yourself this question now. 2 Reasons Why You Should Know Now: If you’re going to get financially fit, you’re going to eventually ask yourself this question.  So it’s important to understand the pros…

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Refinancing Student Loans with SoFi (Even if You’re Not a Finance Whiz)

So, you ask. What’s it like, refinancing student loans with SoFi? Or perhaps you’re wondering, Connor, what even IS SoFi, and what does it have to do with student loans? Good news! I already refinanced my student loans and am here to tell you the long and short of working with SoFi: the application, the long waits–wait, what? There weren’t any long…

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Five Books to Help Teach Your Kids About Money

There are few things in the world that I like more than recommending books. I have, in fact, built up quite a reputation for this–some of my friends frequently text me “help, please!” from bookstores and libraries–so when JT asked if I’d be up for writing about some books that might help your kids understand money, I naturally agreed. These…

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