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The Power of the Practice: Thanksgiving in the Modern Age

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It is not particularly difficult to write about something which one has been seriously considering for six years—give or take a few months—so when JT asked me to write a post he had tentatively titled The Power of Giving Thanks, I immediately agreed. I’m no expert, but I figured that, if anything, I’d have a much harder time editing this post…

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Hello (Again)!

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Welcome to the new Just Making Cents!  As we splash around this new pool, we may make changes here or there to see what works and make sure we’re giving the best reader experience we can. If you are a returning subscriber, please subscribe to our site to continue receiving email updates.  Since we switched to (from .com), its…

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8 Blogging Tips: Everything I Did Wrong

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(Left to right: Liza, Zack, Zuzzy, and yours truly. Our heads almost look like a bar graph showing the early stages of a compound growth curve.) What did I just get myself into? Ever ask yourself that? I do—all the time. If I find something interesting, my hand shoots up to volunteer before the question of knowledge or capacity ever…

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How to Have the “Money Talk” with Your Child

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Photographer Douglas makes inaction figures come to life! See more of his amazing pictures on Instagram @jedimasterbuilder. On a recent visit to a friend’s house in Los Angeles… “Joshie, can you tell Spider Man to get me a glass of water?” Joshie looks at the red and blue inaction figure near the couch, lying still and splayed as if it…

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Under a Common Sky: Post-Election Thoughts

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Today’s post was supposed to be about how to have the “Money Talk” with your child, but given the mood and my many hurting friends, it doesn’t feel right to move on to that quite yet. Connor has already written about her response to the election. I hope you’ll read that, and this, and that we can move forward together…

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The Spirit of ’76

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  (Photo by Douglas @jedimasterbuilder, who brings levity to this election. Tonight, the gloves come off.) While we are working toward our financial independence, let’s not forget our political independence and the privilege we have to choose who leads us. I gaze out the window from my office overlooking Philadelphia and see blue sky, bright sun, and freedom.  

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