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How to Beat the Financial Monsters

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All photos courtesy of the phenomenal Douglas. Follow him on Instagram @jedimasterbuilder! True Horror. I won’t look at it. Instead, I press my nose to the window and squint eighteen stories down. There’s a news van below. I swivel to my computer screen to search the news, leaving a vapor of breath on the window. They’re reporting about a death.…

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Why Traveling is a Better Way to Spend Money

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I’m 37,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. My wife and I just celebrated our anniversary in Greece, specifically Santorini, Athens, Hydra, and Delphi. (Notice who are missing? Z, Z & L are staying with their grandparents. What a blessing they are!) So while I didn’t have time to focus on eCommerce learning while I was away (lest I incur my…

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How to Make Six Figures Even Bigger (Or, Avoid What I Did)

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I don’t know how I made it home that night. My legs were moving, but I was flying. The meeting was hours old but still fresh in mind as I made my way (however it happened) across 57th Street. “Here,” he had said, teetering forward, sliding the paper across the desk, then rocking back to recline, hands stretching behind his…

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September Review (Being an Accountant of Time, Statistics, and Achievements)

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  (Let them eat steak! But not too much!) I’ve gotten pretty good at grilling steak, especially a thick ribeye. It doesn’t need much seasoning—in fact it’s best if you don’t overdo it—just a little salt and pepper. 4 minutes on one side. Flip. 3 minutes on the other. Make sure it’s the right color. Don’t over think it either,…

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How to Make Better Decisions: Why Living in Reverse is the Key to Moving Forward

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Before you read past this first paragraph, I want you try something if you’re in a safe area. Stand up and walk 10 steps forward. I’ll wait until you’re back. (Important: If you’re somehow reading this while hiking a cliff, sitting near a fiery pit, crossing the street, or anything else dangerous, please do this later. Safety first!) Back? Okay, rewind…

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Michelle Schroeder-Gardner Talks Blogging, RVing, Money, and Fame

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“How about Making-Cents-Dot-Com?” she says. I type it in. “Taken.” “Makes-Cents-Dot-Com?” “Makes Cents or Make Scents?  Might confuse perfume seekers. In any case: taken.” “To-Make-Cents-Dot-Com?” “Awkward. How about Just-Making-Cents-Dot-Com?” Bingo! I hurry to buy the domain from, imagining thousands of internet sooners rushing for prized internet land. Then I google “just making cents” to see if it would…

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How to Be a Champion in Life (with Tips Gleaned from Coach Jay Wright)

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“We practice to create habits that will enable us to play our best in the most difficult situations.” – Jay Wright, head coach of the Villanova men’s basketball team Up 10 points with 4:42 left on the clock, the Villanova men’s basketball team was poised to win its first championship in over 30 years… but then North Carolina started making…

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