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Five Ways to Think Differently about Raising Our Children

The Automatized Age Will Be Astonishing The lights of Shibuya Center-gai in Tokyo shine brighter than they do in Times Square. The colorfully lit signs are smaller but packed more densely, like an enormous Lite Brite. Joe nudges his arm. “Dude, we’ve been at this for the entire day. I’m hungry. Let’s go.” They hail different Ubers. Todd slumps into the…

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5 Ways Your Boss Is Trying to Fire You and What to Do About It

Regardless of what you do, your boss is finding a way to get rid of you. Your glowing, past performance review is not an indicator of your future employment. What did you do wrong?  Probably nothing (rest easy, it wasn’t that pen you took home for yourself). It’s more likely because you’re too expensive–regardless of whether you make $8 an…

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